one weekend down..

so it’s nearing the end of my first weekend home and it has been (deep breath) pretty good.

apart from being called my full name and constantly being told not to swear it hasn’t been completely terrible.

i arrived home very late friday afternoon. it took far too long to clean out the apartment and the traffic driving home was awful. but, i made it.

upon arriving home i got an email telling me that money was going to be taken off my deposit because the cleaners were crap.


do you ever have one of those moments where you need to change everything about your life? that was my saturday

i have far too much stuff brought down from manchester, and far too much stuff already in my bedroom here –  so saturday was clear out day.

and clear out i did.

there was so much stuff.

so so much stuff. stuff i didn’t even know existed or didn’t even remember having. but i piled and piled and piled it up. and pretty soon at least a third of the crap that began in my bedroom was ready to get rid of. but then of course there was the mammoth task of getting all the crap out of my car and sorting that out in my bedroom.

long story short, this is gonna take way longer than i thought it would.

i am such a bloody hoarder. ugh.

so my mission for the end of this summer is to get rid of all the junk in this house.

and let me tell you – there’s a lot.

i come from a long line of hoarders – on both sides of the family. dad’s parents loved to hoard stuff. old magazines, school books, newspapers, books – you name it – they kept it. and grandad has lots of stuff. both of my grandparents’ houses are/were filled with things upon things. don’t get me wrong the things are lovely and interesting and amazing – but when you spend your whole life surrounded by collections of things you start to do the same yourself.

and so our house is now filled with things too. some of it is also lovely and interesting and amazing, but it just needs a home. and so my challenge this year is to give everything a lovely and wonderful home.


anyway, back to saturday.

i spent pretty much 9am until 4pm emptying out and moving about my room, and then had a huge surge of motivation.

so i went for a run.

and i am so happy!

i ran a lot better than i thought i would, did it a lot quicker than i expected too, and it was way hotter than i realised. 27 degrees at 6pm!

i’ll be honest i was covered in a beautiful sticky layer of sweat when i got home but man i felt smug afterwards.

and saturday evening was fab too.

i’ve been dying to see ghostbusters for about a week now and i finally managed to drag my brother to go. it was great!

i’ll be honest – i haven’t seen the original and i couldn’t care less about bill murray – but after the great reviews from girls i thought i needed to see it.

and as a woman it just felt so GOOD to watch.

it was so normal! like watching  my friends and i from afar. there was no cattiness between the women, no fighting over a man, no rude jokes about the other’s appearances. it was just girls helping each other to fight ghosts.

there wasn’t even any wild flesh on show!

i’ll be honest, usually in female-led films i always find myself thinking about how much i envy their figures. there will inevitably be a gorgeous girl in not much clothing and i will inevitably be very jealous and start hating myself. not in this! there wasn’t even an awkward changing scene when they put on their jumpsuits. and the jumpsuits weren’t sexy – it was just a means to not get covered in slime. and the ladies were eating! like normal people. no jokes about one eating the most or stealing food or anything. just eating like normal people. it was fab!

the film alone was great – but watching it as a normal girl who doesn’t look like a movie star, it was fucking fab.

i honestly think if more films like that are due to be made then little girls are going to grow up with so much more confidence in themselves and less fear that they don’t look right. i know i would have if i  had seen those sort of films growing up.

to top off a brilliant film, my brother knows one of the guys who works at the cinema and we both got a free slushie afterwards. success!

and so sunday.

i won’t lie, i didn’t do much this morning. but in the afternoon my brother and i went to a carboot sale to sell all our crap.

the grand total of our crap-sales…

a whopping £31!

i’m not even joking i’m actually pretty happy with that ! any money i manage to make from anything is going to make me happy to be honest. i just seem to have so much rubbish and the more crazy people that buy it the happier i will be. i’ll probably ebay a load too and do carboot sales when we can.

when i came home i made some kind of mince // veg ratatouille and although i really enjoyed it my siblings picked all the veg off and just ate the mince. classic.

looks fucking good though doesn’t it!

and so here we are.

sunday evening.

i’ve just had some homemade courgette and cheddar bread (it was nice but didn’t rise enough) i’m watching hell’s kitchen and i’m just about to go on a walk with my best friend.

life is a lot more calm than it was in manchester, but please, for the love of god stop calling me louise.

peace out x



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