cambridge ‘treat day’

the best thing about being home is most definitely having my best friend a ten minute walk away.

life is so much better when you can pester her 24/7.

today was gorgeous.

a couple days ago over lunch, tash and i decided we’d have a shopping day in cambridge.

today was that day, she stayed round last night and we had a sleepover like the good old days, so we could get up nice and early and have the whole day of shopping.

we got up at 8am (ew) and had a lovely relaxed morning. for breakfast we made a huge veggie frittata with potatoes, onions, tomatoes, leeks and obviously lots of cheese and eggs. it was genuinely so filling and a lot tastier than i was expecting. dad had some too and there was even some left over (hello tomorrow’s breakfast!)

we had arranged to leave at 9, but after our chilled breakfast we ended up leaving just before 10. by the time we’d gotten there, got on the park and ride and got into town it was nearing midday and our tummies were rumbling. fortunately, we knew where to go.

tash is veggie and i love veg so we asked our pal aaron (who lives there) for some recommendations. he told us about rainbow cafe and he absolutely delivered.

the cafe is in a gorgeous location – just opposite king’s college so it’s a stunning view. it’s the sort of place you would walk by if you didn’t know it was there – the entrance is tiny and it’s all downstairs – but once inside you’re so glad you discovered it!

on the walk down you’re surrounded by rainbow fairy lights – at this point i knew i was in my element!

it’s gorgeous and adorable in there and so homely. there were so many fantastic dishes on the menu it took us ages to decide, but eventually tash had the sheperdess pie and i had the vegetable tagine. they were both delicious.

we paid £12 each including a lovely raspberry lemonade and the portions were so big and lovely we couldn’t finish them. i wish we’d shared a meal because they had an amazing looking desert menu –  but that just means we’ll have to go back again!

fortunately, we still had room for ice cream and found a gorgeous little shop nearby called chocolat chocolat where we had gorgeous ice creams. i had a strawberry sorbet (not quite ice cream) but tash had pistachio ice cream and they were absolutely lovely. after all, it was treat yourself day!

the next few hours we spent wandering round browsing. and then got all sorts of carried away in lush. i mean it’s hard not too.

and of course i ended up spending money. for years now i’ve been using the raining men shower gel. it’s the most delicious honey scented product i’ve ever used. it feels amazing and soft in the shower but it stays on your skin for hours and hours after using. i wish i could live in that scent it’s amazing. and today i found out not only do they do that scent but also do it as a shampoo!

so, cleeearly i had to buy it! it’s hairwashing day tomorrow and i am so excited to use it. i genuinely cannot wait i am gonna smell even more delicious than usual!

i also convinced tash to buy ‘big shampoo’ which is another one of my all time favourites.

lush we love you!

after a desperate dash to the toilets in john lewis we noticed there was an urban decay clearance! soooo guess who has a new limited edition lipstick and liner. this bitch!

i am so impressed too – i did a colour swatch of the liner on my hand and it still hasn’t properly washed off. i’m so excited to properly use them.

i think it might be a new favourite shade too – it’s the gwen stefani rock steady shade and it is gorgeous. i could swim in that shade!

the last thing i bought (apart from chocolate milk) was a gorgeous wine-red skirt in white stuff. i’m really getting into big a line skirts at the moment and this bad boy was £22 down from £46 and the perfect shade to match my lipstick. and since trying it on at home it’s actually a little big – success!

so that concludes my fantastic cambridge shopping trip.

my calves hurt, but i have new lipstick and i’m currently snuggled in bed with the most recent lush magazine.

(also i got three compliments on the skirt i wore today! winning!)

life is good.



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