pamper day(s)

the past two days have been lovely and chilled.

i wanted to nip into town for some bits yesterday so tash and i had a lovely long walk in the sun.

 usually we’d drive but we’re trying to ‘Be Good’ this summer so we decided a walk would help. to be fair it was lovely.

 the sun was shining, it wasn’t too hot and it only took an hour (yay!)
i came back with my usual moisturiser and two exciting new things. a honey conditioner to match my new lush solid shampoo and a lovely new eyeliner. i always struggle to find a good eyeliner so hopefully hopefully this one will pull through!
in the evening i went for an hour long badminton game with my little bro.

 and. i. won!!

i was fucking covered in sweat and super gross but it was so much fun and i want to start doing it more often!

just want to reiterate that



today was gorgeous too. tash and i (cant get rid of her!) decided that today was our pamper day. we went for a lovely swim together, chilled in the sauna and steam rooms and then made lunch.

and what a lunch it was

we stole it from my jamie oliver book and made it our own. it started as the ‘puffy pea and potato pie’ but we added some leeks and a side salad and then made it into cute little individual pots. it was honestly gorgeous. we were beyond chuffed!

we made that!!

we then spent the rest of the day chilling in facemasks watching What Women Want. we’re so girly cliche it’s unreal.

and now it’s 12:36am. i have to be up at 4:45 so i can get to work at an event for this weekend. im an idiot. but a soft, pampered, exercised idiot.

night fools x


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