CLA games fair

this weekend was a very weird one.

i was bar staffing at a massive country fair in ragley hall, warwickshire.

i was expecting to be rushed off my feet, but alas, i was not.

we started at 7am prepping the bar and learning the cocktails etc.

our first day we were expected to work from 7am until 10:30pm. but we closed at half 8. because in over 12 hours we’d sold a grand total of..

11 cocktails.

yes, 11.


thank god the guy i was working with enjoyed endless hours of would you rather. i think we would have given up if not.

fortunately the evening was fun. i ended up drinking for a bit with two of the staff i was with. then i made friends with two older guys who lived about 20 minutes from me. got them playing would you rather as well, obviously.

the rest of the night is a bit of a blur. i made two new pals (who weren’t 20 years my senior) and went a bit mad. next thing i remember is being inside a tent belting out songs on top of a table with some more random people. then we ended up in a bar dancing on haybales and on top of the bar. it wasn’t what i’d expected of my weekend i’ll be honest  – but it was such a good laugh.

i also got taken on a magical mystery tour after. my tent and my car (with my bag in it) were in totally seperate locations so an on-site buggy tried to help my find both. but with no success.

we found my car (which i was convinced had been nicked) but the tent was a no-show. so i slept in the car. and by slept i mean i tossed and turned for about 2 hours and then had to start my next shift. classic me.

saturday was a lot better sales wise than friday. we’d swapped over with our other bar and this time we were in the street food section. although we weren’t rushed off our feet all day we managed to make about £700 which for us was a significant improvement.

the best thing was definitely the location though. we were allowed to do trades for food and drink with the stalls around us and so that day we feasted like kings.

breakfast was a huge bacon baguette. mid-morning snacks were the nicest sweet potato fries i’ve ever had. lunch was curly fries topped with chilli con carne, cheese and garlic mayo. i had some of an amazing burger from the indian stall next to us and then finally i had a cheese burger pie (i know) from the pie shop opposite us. i’m pretty sure i gained about half a stone that day but it was so worth it!

the evening was pretty good too. weirdly i managed to bump into the guys i was drinking with on friday night – plus a few more of the staff i’d met. this evening was a bit more chilled – a few pints, a circle of people, a guitar and some busking. it got a little bit messier later on – more bad singing, but this time in a motor home. obviously.

and so with 30 minutes to get ready and get onto shift sunday was the same.

we were back in the same location as friday and it was just a little busier. and by just a little we went from 11 cocktails to about 30. at least we got free pasties.

and so that was my weekend.

i’m aching from standing up for so long doing nothing. i don’t think i had a vegetable all weekend and my voice sounds like i’ve smoked 100 a day.

a good weekend for meeting nice people but thank god i get my own bed again.

let’s hope my next event is 100x busier. bring it on.


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