edgbaston cricket

what a week!

girl has been grafting let me tell you.

i’ve just spent the past five days grafting at the england V pakistan test match at edgbaston and oh my god. what a week.

we started on wednesday and worked all the way through until sunday. the first two days were pretty dull – nobody really needs to drink Pimms midweek and get wrecked. we had such a laugh though. on wednesday i was working with two girls & running the pimms tent (obviously). but because it was dead we started a game of bingo. first person to spot different types of people win. bit like where’s wally but ultra competitive. we also played the tick game – basically whenever you see someone you think is hot you shout ‘tick’ and the other two rate them. sadly, wednesday and thursday were pretty dry on the tick front, but we did slam bingo.

you’d get points for certain things – people wearing baseball caps backward, groups of fancy dress, shit shirts, picnics, anyone who looks like the KFC colonel. you get the idea. the list was pretty extensive and we didn’t even work out who won. (it was probably me)

so that was wednesday. thursday was pretty much the same except it was me and a different girl – so sadly not much bingo or bants. cry cry.

friday, however, was madness. i got my girl Credo back and The Pimms Angels were ready to take on the world. the garden area we were in was pretty quiet from wed-thurs until about midday or 1, but on friday it was slammed from 9am.

the morning we coped well.we were very busy but we were on top of everything. but the tea break killed us. we were expecting it at 4pm, so at 3 we started prepping. oranges and lemons sliced for each cup and pluck the mint. not difficult but time consuming. we’d be done by about half three, and then we could both eat and be ready for the 4pm rush. how wrong we were. the tea break got called at 3:15 and we were not ready for the oncoming storm. when the queue was about 25 people deep we started to run out of everything. even pimms. fortunately our mate scott on logistics was walking by and legged it over to help but we were swamped. we only had one guy being an utter bellend but apart from that we managed well considering we weren’t ready. we even had to go from pimms on tap to getting in bottles of pimms and 7up and using that. crazy.

i crawled into bed that night.


couldn’t even make it up the stairs my feet were in so much pain. perks of being home though – my brother brought me up pizza in bed and my mum gave me a foot rub for a good 45 minutes. a bit gross but i was feeling fab.

saturday was fun too. we were steadily busy – not rushed, not knackered, but constant. and we got to play bingo and flirt. we also started a new game – trying to make as many people as possible say the phrase ‘pimms angels’. it worked too! we got loads! we also managed to spot way more ticks and fall in love with a few people, so all good by me.

saturday night i was a bit naughty. some guys we’d served during the day got talking to us and offered to take us for a drink. they said they’d come back between 6/7 but i doubted they would, wasn’t too bothered, and so started tidying the tent up and getting ready to go home. but lo and behold they returned! although it was only because one of them lost their bag full of diabetes stuff.

i then had to close the tent up and sign up. i was expecting a quiet night at home – i was knackered. but on the way to the toilet guess who i bumped into. i blame fate.

and so i ended up going for a pint across the road with them. and then another. and then another. and then a few in town. but it was fucking hilarious. i love a good spontaneous night out and this was one of them. i don’t know where we ended up but when you spend the whole night dancing to 80s cheese, drinking free cider and slightly falling in love you know it’s been a good one. even if you only get 3 hours sleep.


i think i deserved it though.

(the night out not the lack of sleep)

sunday was dead, but it was fun. we played bingo, we chilled, we saw some ticks – the usual. i wish it’d been busier so i could ride the hangover out, but i got 4 free meals so i was pretty happy.

and so with that i drove home absolutely knackered. i just about made it – had a glorious bath and spent the evening chilling with tash. we slept from midnight until 9am, she went home, and i went back to bed at midday and slept until 4pm. looks like saturday night finally caught up with me. whoops.

and so here we are. i just played netball, my feet are killing me, but i’ve earnt some hefty dollar (made £40 in tips on friday!) made some pals, had a great night out, aaaaaand i’ve been asked to come back and work for the company at the next edgbaston event.

and yet i still know nothing about cricket.



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