good girls deserve treats

today was a wonderful day.

i discovered i had more money in my account than i’d thought

so, naturally, i spent it.

to be fair i’ve spent the majority of the day doing absolutely nothing.

cooked myself a hairy biker’s breakfast, watched gordon ramsay shows, had a fritatta and tidied my bedroom a teeny tiny little bit.

i was meant to walk into town but i just couldn’t be arsed. i drove instead at 3pm.

i’ve been pretty productive though. i had a list of things i wanted to do in town and i managed to do all of them except pay a cheque in. which means i’m going to have to force myself to walk/bike into town tomorrow. #healthkick

number one on the list was to get my iphone fixed. i may have accidentally dropped it in the toilet at a recent wedding and up until today i haven’t had the time/funds to fix it. but things are looking up!

then i wandered into town to replace the eyebrow pencil i’ve run out of and get my eyebrows done.

let me just say i love a good bargain in boots.

they had a half price sale on real techniques brushes and i’ve been lusting after them for a while. so i decided after my hectic week of work i definitely deserved them.

i’d initially just gone in for the eyebrow pencil i’m in love with. it’s the soap and glory archery pencil. i’m no mua, i know pretty much nothing about make up, but this eyebrow pencil is the love of my life. the colour matches my eyebrows perfectly, it draws on so gently and softly, and it blends so well. honestly this is one of my desert island products.

but of course soap and glory had a buy one get on half price deal on, and i’m a sucker for a bargain. i’ve recently bought the 5th avenude nude lipstick and fallen in love. not only is it utterly gorgeous but it smells of fucking icing! i know! it is delicious.

the last time i went into boots i tried on of the soap and glory plumping lip glosses so guess what i bought today? and it fucking smells of chocolate! i don’t know how they do it but any product that can make me look good and smell scrummy is a big tick in my book. i went for the shade pink-out-loud and i’m already starting to love it. the tube is nice and chunky, the colour is fab and it does that wonderfully addictive tingly thing on your lips. mamma likey!

the last thing i bought from boots was an own brand beauty blender. i haven’t got one yet and i’m all about that hype so we shall see how it goes.

but guess what bellend forgot her boots card 😦 thank god for on-receipt points.


right outside boots is an eyebrow bar, so i got mine threaded straight after. thank god for very big sunglasses to hide the classic redness. forward thinking thank you very much.

finally i treated myself to some nose studs. i had to change one the other week for work and ended up washing it down the sink because i am an idiot. the tattoo parlour in town does 3 nose studs for £2 so i treated myself. one boring filler for if i need to hide it at work, and two pretty ones. right now i’m rocking my floral stud and loving it.

so that was my day today. i’m going back to town tomorrow and i’m scared i might get over-excited in boots again. but what’s the point of grafting if you can’t treat yourself once in a while?!

over and out




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