streetwise soccer

this weekend was so fun.

usually with the events i’m doing i’m behind a bar. or on a racetrack. this was totally different.

we were spending four days on inflatable soccer games in a shopping centre in solihull.

it was a bit weird for me, with my old job in sales we would sometimes be inside shopping centres – except usually we were only allowed in a certain area and would be pitching people all day. this was completely different – we’d be on an inflatable all day, chatting to kids, helping them play certain football games and trying not to get sunburnt.

it was so much fun. day one i was on the penalty shootout thing – you get certain points for kicking the ball through certain holes. it was pretty steady all day but i certainly had my favourites. two little brothers who were uber talented, but really cute and cheeky. i loved them so much. considering they were no more than ten they did the best out of anyone all day – even the dads! they’d dissapear to another inflatable and then come scurrying back a few hours later and they were honestly lovely. even when we did a little championship between a few other boths they still both won. i was so secretly proud!

day two was even more fun. i was on the inflatable 1 v 1 football pitch. first to 5 points wins – 1 point for a goal and 2 points for a nutmeg. it was so impressive to see such little boys be so talented. not only talented but so fair. we ended up doing another championship, winner stays on after each game, but even when they’re parents weren’t telling them to these little 7 and 8 year olds were shaking hands at the end of the match, and congratulating each other. it was honestly so so lovely to see, my cold, hard heart was warmed.

day three i was on the speedometer. basically you boot the ball as hard as you bloody can and it tells you how many mph it goes. pretty simple but my god do dads get competitive! so many dads came back for extra goes, or spent ages trying to beat the top score – it was crazy! the top score for kids that day was 49mph, and dads made it up to 62mph. i was so impressed!

sunday, day four, was so chilled. obviously shops were less busy on sunday, so we were chilling for a lot of the time, or playing catch with the footballs.

my two favourite kids came back too! and of course they were amazing. but i made another new friend. this lovely little girl wasn’t quite capable of kicking the balls through the holes on the penalty shoot out, so i was helping her throw them through and dancing around together. she came back a little later with what i’m assuming were a huge amount of her extended family. at least 4 kids and 6 adults. i asked her to move out of the way, so she came over and held my hand, and a couple minutes later she was in my arms, laughing and playing with me. it was adorable. she kept telling me ‘your flower is beautiful’ while playing with my nose stud, telling me she loves me and kissing me. it was adorable. her parents were laughing at how cute she was being it was fab. eventually they had to go but she kept telling me ‘i must go to a party but i will miss you so much! i love you so much!’ it was adorable. i could have played with her for hours!

and so concluded my lovely weekend. i’m actually pretty tannned (for me!), i made so many cute little friends, and i got paid good dollar for having fun in the sun.

honestly, i love event staffing.


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