I am aware I’m slightly late to the party (as ever) but I’ve decided to do some kind of vague resolution stuff for the rest of the year.

Obviously it’s not a proper resolution because it didn’t start on Jan 1st, and it’s not really a resolution anyway, more of an idea.

I’m digressing.

This year, I want the whole year to be a challenge year. I’ve never set, let alone done a resolution before so I thought I’d do things ‘my way’. What a shock.

Every month this year I want to set myself a new challenge to have completed by the end of the month. It could be anything; stuff that makes me feel good, stuff I’ve always wanted to do, stuff I’ve never dreamt of. I just want to have a year of success in all areas of my life. 

I only have a few rough ideas so far, but I think I’m gonna ask my pals and family for more ideas as the year progresses.

So far I want to 

  • Donate as much as possible to charity
  • Go veggie 
  • Learn to juggle

And the rest is still unwritten. (Cheers Natasha Bedingfield)

This month I’m doing the charity one; I started late with this concept so I thought I’d go easy and wean myself in nice and slowly. I already have a full rucksack (plus extras!) of stuff to donate and I’m looking forward to having less crap in my room!

If anyone can think of anything else that would be A*. I am seriously lacking inspiration!

Over & out

Lou x 


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