I’m still here..

Hello Cyberspace.

It’s me, the flaky friend who leaves all your messages on read and replies months later.

But I’m back

And better than ever (I’m not.)


The past few months have all been a bit weird and a bit mental but here we are. I moved out! Horray! My family are great but maaaan it’s good to not have to tell mum & dad your daily plans. A random Whatsapp will suffice for me now. I’m currently living in Cambridge, in a gorgeous wee village on the outskirts. The house I live in was built in 1722 (!) and the history geek inside me is loving life. It’s kind of like a little hobbit hole; very long and windy and wobbly with low ceilings and secret doors everywhere. Very me, and very Cambridge and very cute. But sadly I may be moving soon. Who knows. At the moment it’s just me chilling on my own, but pretty soon I think there will be new tenants. Not that I don’t like people – I absolutely love people – but when you’ve started to get used to being alone (sad) it’s kind of weird having someone else join your life.

Only issue is that living in Cambridge is expeeeeeensive, and living alone even more so. But being independent is The One and I love having my own space and coming and going as I please. Basically I need a new job that pays amazingly so I can move out away and be free and have a nice place of my own with vintage ornaments and weird art and just be a happy little hermit. Someone hire me please.

Not that I don’t have a job. I have a great new job in Cambridge as a sales & events co-ordinator. It’s good, but I feel like I could be doing more with my life. The novelty has worn off and I think I need something more challenging. Who knows what will happen. I just want to work hard and make good money and feel productive all the time.

But for now this will do. I’ve got some great friends here and overall life is pretty good, but I definitely feel that it’s time for some kind of life-affirming change at some point. I feel like I don’t get enough me time with this job as the hours are funny, and sometimes late. I want to join a choir and a dance class and have time for the gym and long slow cooked dinners and wine before bed and at the moment I am just cramming all of life into one small eggcup.

Summer is just around the corner and I want to explore the world a bit more. My siblings and I have started a fun tradition where we get a cheap flight via Kayak or BA Β and just jet off to somewhere in Europe for a couple days. It’s glorious! We went to Oslo last month (which I need to post about!) and we’re going to Toulouse as of Sunday 5am (ew!)

I really love travelling and this two day tour traditional has got my travel bug excited again!

I just want to be able to explore the world and get paid doing it

One day

Time to push that dream hard

Peace & love



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