good girls deserve treats

today was a wonderful day.

i discovered i had more money in my account than i’d thought

so, naturally, i spent it.

to be fair i’ve spent the majority of the day doing absolutely nothing.

cooked myself a hairy biker’s breakfast, watched gordon ramsay shows, had a fritatta and tidied my bedroom a teeny tiny little bit.

i was meant to walk into town but i just couldn’t be arsed. i drove instead at 3pm.

i’ve been pretty productive though. i had a list of things i wanted to do in town and i managed to do all of them except pay a cheque in. which means i’m going to have to force myself to walk/bike into town tomorrow. #healthkick

number one on the list was to get my iphone fixed. i may have accidentally dropped it in the toilet at a recent wedding and up until today i haven’t had the time/funds to fix it. but things are looking up!

then i wandered into town to replace the eyebrow pencil i’ve run out of and get my eyebrows done.

let me just say i love a good bargain in boots.

they had a half price sale on real techniques brushes and i’ve been lusting after them for a while. so i decided after my hectic week of work i definitely deserved them.

i’d initially just gone in for the eyebrow pencil i’m in love with. it’s the soap and glory archery pencil. i’m no mua, i know pretty much nothing about make up, but this eyebrow pencil is the love of my life. the colour matches my eyebrows perfectly, it draws on so gently and softly, and it blends so well. honestly this is one of my desert island products.

but of course soap and glory had a buy one get on half price deal on, and i’m a sucker for a bargain. i’ve recently bought the 5th avenude nude lipstick and fallen in love. not only is it utterly gorgeous but it smells of fucking icing! i know! it is delicious.

the last time i went into boots i tried on of the soap and glory plumping lip glosses so guess what i bought today? and it fucking smells of chocolate! i don’t know how they do it but any product that can make me look good and smell scrummy is a big tick in my book. i went for the shade pink-out-loud and i’m already starting to love it. the tube is nice and chunky, the colour is fab and it does that wonderfully addictive tingly thing on your lips. mamma likey!

the last thing i bought from boots was an own brand beauty blender. i haven’t got one yet and i’m all about that hype so we shall see how it goes.

but guess what bellend forgot her boots card 😦 thank god for on-receipt points.


right outside boots is an eyebrow bar, so i got mine threaded straight after. thank god for very big sunglasses to hide the classic redness. forward thinking thank you very much.

finally i treated myself to some nose studs. i had to change one the other week for work and ended up washing it down the sink because i am an idiot. the tattoo parlour in town does 3 nose studs for £2 so i treated myself. one boring filler for if i need to hide it at work, and two pretty ones. right now i’m rocking my floral stud and loving it.

so that was my day today. i’m going back to town tomorrow and i’m scared i might get over-excited in boots again. but what’s the point of grafting if you can’t treat yourself once in a while?!

over and out



edgbaston cricket

what a week!

girl has been grafting let me tell you.

i’ve just spent the past five days grafting at the england V pakistan test match at edgbaston and oh my god. what a week.

we started on wednesday and worked all the way through until sunday. the first two days were pretty dull – nobody really needs to drink Pimms midweek and get wrecked. we had such a laugh though. on wednesday i was working with two girls & running the pimms tent (obviously). but because it was dead we started a game of bingo. first person to spot different types of people win. bit like where’s wally but ultra competitive. we also played the tick game – basically whenever you see someone you think is hot you shout ‘tick’ and the other two rate them. sadly, wednesday and thursday were pretty dry on the tick front, but we did slam bingo.

you’d get points for certain things – people wearing baseball caps backward, groups of fancy dress, shit shirts, picnics, anyone who looks like the KFC colonel. you get the idea. the list was pretty extensive and we didn’t even work out who won. (it was probably me)

so that was wednesday. thursday was pretty much the same except it was me and a different girl – so sadly not much bingo or bants. cry cry.

friday, however, was madness. i got my girl Credo back and The Pimms Angels were ready to take on the world. the garden area we were in was pretty quiet from wed-thurs until about midday or 1, but on friday it was slammed from 9am.

the morning we coped well.we were very busy but we were on top of everything. but the tea break killed us. we were expecting it at 4pm, so at 3 we started prepping. oranges and lemons sliced for each cup and pluck the mint. not difficult but time consuming. we’d be done by about half three, and then we could both eat and be ready for the 4pm rush. how wrong we were. the tea break got called at 3:15 and we were not ready for the oncoming storm. when the queue was about 25 people deep we started to run out of everything. even pimms. fortunately our mate scott on logistics was walking by and legged it over to help but we were swamped. we only had one guy being an utter bellend but apart from that we managed well considering we weren’t ready. we even had to go from pimms on tap to getting in bottles of pimms and 7up and using that. crazy.

i crawled into bed that night.


couldn’t even make it up the stairs my feet were in so much pain. perks of being home though – my brother brought me up pizza in bed and my mum gave me a foot rub for a good 45 minutes. a bit gross but i was feeling fab.

saturday was fun too. we were steadily busy – not rushed, not knackered, but constant. and we got to play bingo and flirt. we also started a new game – trying to make as many people as possible say the phrase ‘pimms angels’. it worked too! we got loads! we also managed to spot way more ticks and fall in love with a few people, so all good by me.

saturday night i was a bit naughty. some guys we’d served during the day got talking to us and offered to take us for a drink. they said they’d come back between 6/7 but i doubted they would, wasn’t too bothered, and so started tidying the tent up and getting ready to go home. but lo and behold they returned! although it was only because one of them lost their bag full of diabetes stuff.

i then had to close the tent up and sign up. i was expecting a quiet night at home – i was knackered. but on the way to the toilet guess who i bumped into. i blame fate.

and so i ended up going for a pint across the road with them. and then another. and then another. and then a few in town. but it was fucking hilarious. i love a good spontaneous night out and this was one of them. i don’t know where we ended up but when you spend the whole night dancing to 80s cheese, drinking free cider and slightly falling in love you know it’s been a good one. even if you only get 3 hours sleep.


i think i deserved it though.

(the night out not the lack of sleep)

sunday was dead, but it was fun. we played bingo, we chilled, we saw some ticks – the usual. i wish it’d been busier so i could ride the hangover out, but i got 4 free meals so i was pretty happy.

and so with that i drove home absolutely knackered. i just about made it – had a glorious bath and spent the evening chilling with tash. we slept from midnight until 9am, she went home, and i went back to bed at midday and slept until 4pm. looks like saturday night finally caught up with me. whoops.

and so here we are. i just played netball, my feet are killing me, but i’ve earnt some hefty dollar (made £40 in tips on friday!) made some pals, had a great night out, aaaaaand i’ve been asked to come back and work for the company at the next edgbaston event.

and yet i still know nothing about cricket.


CLA games fair

this weekend was a very weird one.

i was bar staffing at a massive country fair in ragley hall, warwickshire.

i was expecting to be rushed off my feet, but alas, i was not.

we started at 7am prepping the bar and learning the cocktails etc.

our first day we were expected to work from 7am until 10:30pm. but we closed at half 8. because in over 12 hours we’d sold a grand total of..

11 cocktails.

yes, 11.


thank god the guy i was working with enjoyed endless hours of would you rather. i think we would have given up if not.

fortunately the evening was fun. i ended up drinking for a bit with two of the staff i was with. then i made friends with two older guys who lived about 20 minutes from me. got them playing would you rather as well, obviously.

the rest of the night is a bit of a blur. i made two new pals (who weren’t 20 years my senior) and went a bit mad. next thing i remember is being inside a tent belting out songs on top of a table with some more random people. then we ended up in a bar dancing on haybales and on top of the bar. it wasn’t what i’d expected of my weekend i’ll be honest  – but it was such a good laugh.

i also got taken on a magical mystery tour after. my tent and my car (with my bag in it) were in totally seperate locations so an on-site buggy tried to help my find both. but with no success.

we found my car (which i was convinced had been nicked) but the tent was a no-show. so i slept in the car. and by slept i mean i tossed and turned for about 2 hours and then had to start my next shift. classic me.

saturday was a lot better sales wise than friday. we’d swapped over with our other bar and this time we were in the street food section. although we weren’t rushed off our feet all day we managed to make about £700 which for us was a significant improvement.

the best thing was definitely the location though. we were allowed to do trades for food and drink with the stalls around us and so that day we feasted like kings.

breakfast was a huge bacon baguette. mid-morning snacks were the nicest sweet potato fries i’ve ever had. lunch was curly fries topped with chilli con carne, cheese and garlic mayo. i had some of an amazing burger from the indian stall next to us and then finally i had a cheese burger pie (i know) from the pie shop opposite us. i’m pretty sure i gained about half a stone that day but it was so worth it!

the evening was pretty good too. weirdly i managed to bump into the guys i was drinking with on friday night – plus a few more of the staff i’d met. this evening was a bit more chilled – a few pints, a circle of people, a guitar and some busking. it got a little bit messier later on – more bad singing, but this time in a motor home. obviously.

and so with 30 minutes to get ready and get onto shift sunday was the same.

we were back in the same location as friday and it was just a little busier. and by just a little we went from 11 cocktails to about 30. at least we got free pasties.

and so that was my weekend.

i’m aching from standing up for so long doing nothing. i don’t think i had a vegetable all weekend and my voice sounds like i’ve smoked 100 a day.

a good weekend for meeting nice people but thank god i get my own bed again.

let’s hope my next event is 100x busier. bring it on.

pamper day(s)

the past two days have been lovely and chilled.

i wanted to nip into town for some bits yesterday so tash and i had a lovely long walk in the sun.

 usually we’d drive but we’re trying to ‘Be Good’ this summer so we decided a walk would help. to be fair it was lovely.

 the sun was shining, it wasn’t too hot and it only took an hour (yay!)
i came back with my usual moisturiser and two exciting new things. a honey conditioner to match my new lush solid shampoo and a lovely new eyeliner. i always struggle to find a good eyeliner so hopefully hopefully this one will pull through!
in the evening i went for an hour long badminton game with my little bro.

 and. i. won!!

i was fucking covered in sweat and super gross but it was so much fun and i want to start doing it more often!

just want to reiterate that



today was gorgeous too. tash and i (cant get rid of her!) decided that today was our pamper day. we went for a lovely swim together, chilled in the sauna and steam rooms and then made lunch.

and what a lunch it was

we stole it from my jamie oliver book and made it our own. it started as the ‘puffy pea and potato pie’ but we added some leeks and a side salad and then made it into cute little individual pots. it was honestly gorgeous. we were beyond chuffed!

we made that!!

we then spent the rest of the day chilling in facemasks watching What Women Want. we’re so girly cliche it’s unreal.

and now it’s 12:36am. i have to be up at 4:45 so i can get to work at an event for this weekend. im an idiot. but a soft, pampered, exercised idiot.

night fools x

cambridge ‘treat day’

the best thing about being home is most definitely having my best friend a ten minute walk away.

life is so much better when you can pester her 24/7.

today was gorgeous.

a couple days ago over lunch, tash and i decided we’d have a shopping day in cambridge.

today was that day, she stayed round last night and we had a sleepover like the good old days, so we could get up nice and early and have the whole day of shopping.

we got up at 8am (ew) and had a lovely relaxed morning. for breakfast we made a huge veggie frittata with potatoes, onions, tomatoes, leeks and obviously lots of cheese and eggs. it was genuinely so filling and a lot tastier than i was expecting. dad had some too and there was even some left over (hello tomorrow’s breakfast!)

we had arranged to leave at 9, but after our chilled breakfast we ended up leaving just before 10. by the time we’d gotten there, got on the park and ride and got into town it was nearing midday and our tummies were rumbling. fortunately, we knew where to go.

tash is veggie and i love veg so we asked our pal aaron (who lives there) for some recommendations. he told us about rainbow cafe and he absolutely delivered.

the cafe is in a gorgeous location – just opposite king’s college so it’s a stunning view. it’s the sort of place you would walk by if you didn’t know it was there – the entrance is tiny and it’s all downstairs – but once inside you’re so glad you discovered it!

on the walk down you’re surrounded by rainbow fairy lights – at this point i knew i was in my element!

it’s gorgeous and adorable in there and so homely. there were so many fantastic dishes on the menu it took us ages to decide, but eventually tash had the sheperdess pie and i had the vegetable tagine. they were both delicious.

we paid £12 each including a lovely raspberry lemonade and the portions were so big and lovely we couldn’t finish them. i wish we’d shared a meal because they had an amazing looking desert menu –  but that just means we’ll have to go back again!

fortunately, we still had room for ice cream and found a gorgeous little shop nearby called chocolat chocolat where we had gorgeous ice creams. i had a strawberry sorbet (not quite ice cream) but tash had pistachio ice cream and they were absolutely lovely. after all, it was treat yourself day!

the next few hours we spent wandering round browsing. and then got all sorts of carried away in lush. i mean it’s hard not too.

and of course i ended up spending money. for years now i’ve been using the raining men shower gel. it’s the most delicious honey scented product i’ve ever used. it feels amazing and soft in the shower but it stays on your skin for hours and hours after using. i wish i could live in that scent it’s amazing. and today i found out not only do they do that scent but also do it as a shampoo!

so, cleeearly i had to buy it! it’s hairwashing day tomorrow and i am so excited to use it. i genuinely cannot wait i am gonna smell even more delicious than usual!

i also convinced tash to buy ‘big shampoo’ which is another one of my all time favourites.

lush we love you!

after a desperate dash to the toilets in john lewis we noticed there was an urban decay clearance! soooo guess who has a new limited edition lipstick and liner. this bitch!

i am so impressed too – i did a colour swatch of the liner on my hand and it still hasn’t properly washed off. i’m so excited to properly use them.

i think it might be a new favourite shade too – it’s the gwen stefani rock steady shade and it is gorgeous. i could swim in that shade!

the last thing i bought (apart from chocolate milk) was a gorgeous wine-red skirt in white stuff. i’m really getting into big a line skirts at the moment and this bad boy was £22 down from £46 and the perfect shade to match my lipstick. and since trying it on at home it’s actually a little big – success!

so that concludes my fantastic cambridge shopping trip.

my calves hurt, but i have new lipstick and i’m currently snuggled in bed with the most recent lush magazine.

(also i got three compliments on the skirt i wore today! winning!)

life is good.


one weekend down..

so it’s nearing the end of my first weekend home and it has been (deep breath) pretty good.

apart from being called my full name and constantly being told not to swear it hasn’t been completely terrible.

i arrived home very late friday afternoon. it took far too long to clean out the apartment and the traffic driving home was awful. but, i made it.

upon arriving home i got an email telling me that money was going to be taken off my deposit because the cleaners were crap.


do you ever have one of those moments where you need to change everything about your life? that was my saturday

i have far too much stuff brought down from manchester, and far too much stuff already in my bedroom here –  so saturday was clear out day.

and clear out i did.

there was so much stuff.

so so much stuff. stuff i didn’t even know existed or didn’t even remember having. but i piled and piled and piled it up. and pretty soon at least a third of the crap that began in my bedroom was ready to get rid of. but then of course there was the mammoth task of getting all the crap out of my car and sorting that out in my bedroom.

long story short, this is gonna take way longer than i thought it would.

i am such a bloody hoarder. ugh.

so my mission for the end of this summer is to get rid of all the junk in this house.

and let me tell you – there’s a lot.

i come from a long line of hoarders – on both sides of the family. dad’s parents loved to hoard stuff. old magazines, school books, newspapers, books – you name it – they kept it. and grandad has lots of stuff. both of my grandparents’ houses are/were filled with things upon things. don’t get me wrong the things are lovely and interesting and amazing – but when you spend your whole life surrounded by collections of things you start to do the same yourself.

and so our house is now filled with things too. some of it is also lovely and interesting and amazing, but it just needs a home. and so my challenge this year is to give everything a lovely and wonderful home.


anyway, back to saturday.

i spent pretty much 9am until 4pm emptying out and moving about my room, and then had a huge surge of motivation.

so i went for a run.

and i am so happy!

i ran a lot better than i thought i would, did it a lot quicker than i expected too, and it was way hotter than i realised. 27 degrees at 6pm!

i’ll be honest i was covered in a beautiful sticky layer of sweat when i got home but man i felt smug afterwards.

and saturday evening was fab too.

i’ve been dying to see ghostbusters for about a week now and i finally managed to drag my brother to go. it was great!

i’ll be honest – i haven’t seen the original and i couldn’t care less about bill murray – but after the great reviews from girls i thought i needed to see it.

and as a woman it just felt so GOOD to watch.

it was so normal! like watching  my friends and i from afar. there was no cattiness between the women, no fighting over a man, no rude jokes about the other’s appearances. it was just girls helping each other to fight ghosts.

there wasn’t even any wild flesh on show!

i’ll be honest, usually in female-led films i always find myself thinking about how much i envy their figures. there will inevitably be a gorgeous girl in not much clothing and i will inevitably be very jealous and start hating myself. not in this! there wasn’t even an awkward changing scene when they put on their jumpsuits. and the jumpsuits weren’t sexy – it was just a means to not get covered in slime. and the ladies were eating! like normal people. no jokes about one eating the most or stealing food or anything. just eating like normal people. it was fab!

the film alone was great – but watching it as a normal girl who doesn’t look like a movie star, it was fucking fab.

i honestly think if more films like that are due to be made then little girls are going to grow up with so much more confidence in themselves and less fear that they don’t look right. i know i would have if i  had seen those sort of films growing up.

to top off a brilliant film, my brother knows one of the guys who works at the cinema and we both got a free slushie afterwards. success!

and so sunday.

i won’t lie, i didn’t do much this morning. but in the afternoon my brother and i went to a carboot sale to sell all our crap.

the grand total of our crap-sales…

a whopping £31!

i’m not even joking i’m actually pretty happy with that ! any money i manage to make from anything is going to make me happy to be honest. i just seem to have so much rubbish and the more crazy people that buy it the happier i will be. i’ll probably ebay a load too and do carboot sales when we can.

when i came home i made some kind of mince // veg ratatouille and although i really enjoyed it my siblings picked all the veg off and just ate the mince. classic.

looks fucking good though doesn’t it!

and so here we are.

sunday evening.

i’ve just had some homemade courgette and cheddar bread (it was nice but didn’t rise enough) i’m watching hell’s kitchen and i’m just about to go on a walk with my best friend.

life is a lot more calm than it was in manchester, but please, for the love of god stop calling me louise.

peace out x


i’m free!


what a year this has been.

after a few of the worst months of my life i am free.


well, i say free, i am now back home with my parents saving up to go travelling.

not as free as i’d like to be but it’s a hell of a lot better than being back where i was.


let’s make this easy to follow.

in feb 2014 i moved 150 miles away to live in manchester and become an au pair.

i fell in love with the city. head over heels in love.


after 8 months i decided to move on. came home for about two weeks but the force of manchester pulled me back and within weeks i returned.

new career, new accommodation, new me.


i started a job that i loved, fast-paced sales in a fun and exciting environment.

and i did love it, i really really did.

but after nearly two years we parted ways.


life would have been fine if i had stayed where i first lived, or maybe got a flat share with some of my old housemates. but i was dumb and i didn’t. i moved in with two people who i worked with. who i thought were nice. silly me was completely and utterly wrong.

after a few months of living together we started getting letters from the landlords, saying we hadn’t paid rent. well, saying they hadn’t paid rent. and because i didn’t want to go to court, and because i’m too nice i paid their rent for them. 4 months worth for one guy and three months worth for the other. and all the bills. council tax, electric, repairs. you name it, i paid it.

and they assured they would pay me back. but of course, they didn’t.


and after i left the job even though i still lived with them we drifted.

one had moved out (name was still on the tenancy and he still wasn’t paying) and the other one stayed there. his girlfriend moved in who i got on really well with. we bonded together when he was being unreasonable. which was pretty often.

shouting matches between the two of them were a regular thing, insults were hurled, threats were given and i sat there pretending not to hear it. the amount of times i saw her crying and trying to leave i can’t count on two hands. but they stayed together.

she was great, helped him pay some of the rent he owed, tried to help me tidy up the apartment and keep it organised. but it was tough. really fucking tough.


he and i didn’t talk much for the last few months. some of the people still in the business told me the rumours he was spreading about me. stupid, untrue rumours that had no cause or justification. he was over £2500 in debt to me but continued to tell everyone how awful i was and all these terrible (and false) things (and people) i had done.

god knows why but i never confronted him.

after a disastrous night out with he, her, some old work colleagues and i, everything blew up. lots of crying and shouting and screaming and fighting.

things didn’t really improve from that.


and that was my life for the past few months. treading on eggshells to try and avoid him as much as possible. being friends with her but not really being allowed to talk when he was around. chasing up the other housemate for the money he owed me and basically trying very very hard not to explode/cry/scream/run away.

and amazingly i did it.

i don’t know how and i don’t know why but thank whatever the hell gave me this strength to just keep going. my parents gave me some fucking resilient genes let me tell you that.


and so today i am free.

the boys owe me £4500 combined, i’m not going to get back the full £2200 apartment deposit that i paid but i am free.

safe and free

and for now that’s all i need.

the money can wait – i have my parents and a fab lawyer friend on the case.

it’s time for a little me time.

and by a little i mean a lot. god knows i could do with a break. all i have ever wanted to do is travel and explore the world and see how far i can go. so that’s the plan. make as much money as i can and then just run away. i deserve this.


anyone looking to hire a travel blogger a.s.a.p?!